Genius LED: lights for resturants, hotels, shops, shopping centres, jewelleries and museums. Made in Italy.

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Genius LED produces lights for restaurants, hotels, shops and shopping centres, jewelleries, museums, gardens and pools.

With 40 years of experience in professional lighting market, Professional Lighting Genius projects and bulids systems suitable to last over time, always guaranting visual wellness, energetic efficiency and high chromatic quality.

The Made in Italy production allows to Genius LED to be flexible and to find optimal solution also realising unique and specific devices that can better answer to the different lighting needs.

Our experts team is always willing to provide a continuous and attentive support, from planning stage to the after sale.

Genius Led Web Site

On Professional Lighting Genius (PLG) web site it is possible to find different solutions for indoor,  outdoor and underwater (pools and fountains) LED lighting and lights particularly suitable for jewelleries and museums.

Every spotlight is equipped with datasheet, photos, photometric data and user manual.